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Gusto in “de Volkskrant” newspaper:

An article on 28th September in de Volkskrant , interviewing Chris Walker  and Gao on GUSTO and future balloon missions. See it below


TU Delft and SRON have a significant contribution on Gusto.

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Our new open access paper just came out:

B. Mirzaei, J. R. G. Silva, D. Hayton, C. Groppi, T. Y. Kao, Q. Hu, J. L. Reno, and J. R. Gao, “8-beam local oscillator array at 4.7 THz generated by a phase grating and a quantum cascade laser,” Opt. Express 25, 29587-29596 (2017)



NASA new page and video for STO1, STO2 and GUSTO

NASA has released a new page containing information and a new video about STO2 and GUSTO. Worthy to look at:



GUSTO has been selected as NASA science mission

NASA has selected the balloon telescope mission GUSTO to measure radiation from the interstellar medium. GUSTO will provide the first complete study of all phases of the lifecycle of stars: from molecular clouds, through the birth and evolution of stars until the gas clouds of dying stars, back to the beginning of the cycle. TU-Delft and SRON will provide the key detection technology. More information about this great achievement can be found in the News page.


Download our new paper for free

Efficiency of multi-beam Fourier phase gratings at 1.4 THz

Since terahertz heterodyne receivers are approaching quantum-noise limited sensitivity, to further improve spatial observing efficiency, multi-pixel heterodyne receivers are necessary, which improve the mapping speed of the telescope significantly. In this work we present two Fourier phase gratings at 1.4 THz for making 4 and 8 local oscillator beams out of a single input.

B. Mirzaei, J. R. G. Silva, Y. C. Luo, X. X. Liu, L. Wei, D. J. Hayton, J. R. Gao, and C. Groppi, “Efficiency of multi-beam Fourier phase gratings at 1.4 THz,” Opt. Express 25, 6581-6588 (2017)


Gao is back from a fantastic trip to Antarctica, where STO2 has been launched from

Check the STO2 tab and the following articles for details:

– The scientist who came in from the cold

– Poolballon STO2 met Nederlandse instrumenten op weg